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Heart-Centered Conscious Living

Founder, Mark Hughes, challenges his audiences to listen to their Heart’s Intelligence and Live by Honorable Principles.  Mark delivers highly interactive, experiential, heart-centered presentations, workshops and all-inclusive retreats that elevate mindfulness and introduces a proven method to Live Consciously on a daily basis. His series of programs guarantee ones ability to tap into their Inner Wisdom to obtain the necessary guidance to Live Good Karma.   

And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.
- Libba Bray

The first step to Creating a Just World is to Raise Personal Consciousness.  The Bkarma2 Challenge prepares us personally to tackle the bigger obstacle that confronts all of us, creating a Conscious Planet.  The Bkarma2 rEevolution provides a portal for individuals around the world to become educated about pressing global issues, align themselves with registered members, for-profits and non-profit organizations addressing these issues and, through collaboration, become an active participant in world-wide events that bring about tangible change on an international scale.


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