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Are you tired of hearing the phrase, “Oh, that’s just the way it is?” We as a culture have become complacent with injustices and deteriorating values. We see it in our governments, our free enterprise system, and amongst ourselves. The key to positive change begins with each of us, individually. Mark Hughes founded The Karma Institute after his 90 year old mother, Karma Jean Cullimore Hughes, because she lived by the common decency of Good Karma. Mr. Hughes delivers a powerful message to young adults, business organizations, corporate America and those servicing us in our governments: We must choose to live by Honorable Principles.

The Karma Institute is proud to introduce our BKarma2 Campaign that encourages everyone to live Good Karma, too. Join Mark on a mission to return to a world that honors integrity and chooses to be held accountable for our Conscious Choices.

With over 30 years of exploring the merits of experiential learning, Mark believes significant shifts occur when our environment promotes our own personal awakening.



Video Features and Programs

Determine Your Path to Personal Development
There are many personal development plans and systems available for those seeking personal improvement or self-help. At The Karma Institute, we provide experiential learning where one’s personal development is significantly enhanced when they discover insights on their own. We simply provide the opportunities for personal growth and development to occur naturally without the struggle of lessons learned from painful experiences. It is our intention to introduce a way of living that rewards personal growth by acting on what we know and trusting that our experience will take us where we need to go.Learn more about our services by clicking on the links below:


Our workshops are designed for a 1-2 day event. We also offer evening classes that are held weekly or monthly over an extended period of time. Other than our video conferences, they are held at locations that contribute to our philosophy of “experiential learning”. Ranging in many topic areas, these workshops are often introductory courses to more in depth retreats, referred to as our Authentic Ventures.

Authentic Ventures

We package great recreational vacations and leisure travel with wonderful personal growth experiences. We don’t believe learning has to take place in stuffy conference rooms when they can miraculously happen on beautiful beaches or breathtaking vistas.

Design Your Own

This unique program allows the general public or specific groups to create their own experience by identifying their specific needs on our Reservation Intake Form. Select what workshops you are interested in, what time of year you would like to hold the workshop and where and how you would like to spend your enjoyable, memorable experience. This puts you in the driver’s seat for creating exactly what you want.

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