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The Bkarma2 Challenge

Take the Pledge... 

Doing the right thing is challenging because it is often easier not to. But Now, more than Ever, it is critical that we all join a collective consciousness to honor Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Kindness and Respect.  That requires Effort.  

Good Karma is by Choice,
                   Not by Chance.

By becoming a Member and taking the Pledge below you inherently commit to practicing the Principles of Good Karma to the best of your ability.  The Karma Institute commits to offering you a support system that inspires you to do your very best.  Learn More

Take the Pledge. And Welcome!

"I agree to be accountable
for my thoughts and actions
on a daily basis and
To Live my Life with integrity 
o the best of my ability." 

I promise you will witness and experience miraculous changes in your perspective, your reality and a shift worthy of your commitment.

Invest in Yourself, Your Community, Our World.

Join Now!

The benefits of joining...

For less than $5 per month, your Membership is an investment in yourself and will be rewarded with a support system that will help you achieve a greater peace of mind and encourage you to become a better you, thereby creating a better WE, as in, a Collective Consciousness around the globe. 

Copy of Mark's book, "I Am Not a Prophet, Therefore I Know: Dispelling the Myth We Have to Be Special to Hear the Inner Voice" 
  $18    Free 
One-on-One Private Life Coaching
In person or via video chat, our style is trusting in each person's Inner Voice to come forth and bring clarity, purpose and direction.  We employ our "Mini-Meditation" Technique to empower you to listen, hear, and act on what comes. We simply ask the questions and guide the process as you learn that all the answers lie within. See "Mini-Meditation" below.
  $150/hr    First Session
50% Off
Attendance at Karma Conversations 

A gathering of folks that would like to integrate their Inner Guidance into their life on a regular basis.  A topic is presented for discussion and a lively, interactive conversation usually evolves. Each Karma Conversation is designed to build your confidence with your Inner Wisdom and be supported by exercises and discussions with guidance of a Certified Karma Institute Facilitator.   

   $10-$20   Free 
Receive notifications of uplifting and inspiring messages posted to our KarmaTALKS YouTube Channel.  These Good Karma Reminders are intended to keep us present with our desire to live by more honorable principles.    Not Available      Yes 
 Mini-Meditation Training
(Live or Webinar)

We teach a simple breathing process in combination with our Mini-Meditation Technique to tap into your Natural Knowing in a matter of minutes. Our students practice these techniques and learn to embrace what they hear, feel, sense, or visualize for greater clarity, direction or peace of mind.
  $195    25% Off 
 3-Day "Heart Centered Awareness" Retreat
For those that want to deepen their experience with listening to their Inner Voice, this workshop offers more opportunities for individual help with your process and getting you more comfortable with how, when and where your Inner Voice speaks to you.
  $495    10% Off 
 7-Day "Heart's Intelligence" Retreat
Joy and Appreciation helps tremendously with opening the Intelligence of the Heart: Your Inner Voice.  These highly-recreational, experiential and deeply personal escapes foster your mastery of developing a Dialogue with your Inner Guidance and provide you the necessary tools to become a Global Caretaker and make significant Change in the World.
  $1995-$2995    10% Off 
 As an ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE   Non-Member    Member 
 Participating in Video Conference Calls  
Join in our KarmaTALKS on-line video interviews with Social Advocates, Authors, Documentary Filmmakers, Spiritual Leaders and more.  Be a part of the discussion by asking questions of our guests.  
  Not Available    Yes, Upon Approval 
 Participating in "Member's Forum" Video Conference Calls
Share your point of view on issues that matter most to you.  We want a lively conversation about topics that affect us on a daily basis.  Be an advocate for change by sharing your Voice.
  Not Available    Yes, Upon Approval  
Participating in KarmaTALKS Media
Have your voice heard in any number of ways from POSTING to your own Public Forum to PRODUCING your own News Show to PROMOTING your own documentary film, and more.  Be an advocate for change by sharing your Voice on KarmaTALKS Media.
  Not Available    Yes, Upon Approval 
 Participating in BKarma2 rEvolution 
Grow with us as we launch a non-violent, peaceful rEvolution that amasses a large number of people and financial resources to have Real Power to Evoke Change.  We have learned that assembling a historic rally is not enough to influence US Policy.  We must amass the numbers of People & a BUDGET to STAND UP against injustices.
  On your own, without
Not Likely.  
  Yes, With Open Arms and a Commitment to Evoke Real Change   

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